Whoopsie Daisy (and other Nonsense.)

I don’t know, seemed like a good day for an update. Hi everyone! I’ve been editing WOTS1 (still referring to them as separate books for now!) and realized a few days ago that I had WROTE THE SAME CHAPTER TWICE.

I’ve been editing WOTS1 (still referring to them as separate books for now!) and realized a few days ago that I had WROTE THE SAME CHAPTER TWICE.

They weren’t identical in words, but they were clearly the same chapter. Character wakes up in her place, gets mad, destroys a city, flies back. I mean it was same order and everything ūüė° So now I have to figure out what SHOULD have been there instead. I’m guessing I got distracted at some point, or just really liked the idea of that chapter and forgot I wrote it.

I also ran into a bit of a snag where I’ve confused myself on something. I don’t know WHY my character is doing something, not in any way that I’ve portrayed so far. I’m not entirely certain I NEED a why but I have to wait for my readers to tell me if they also don’t understand.

I did figure out some more about my characters, though. Their motivations, personalities,  and whatnot. (You would think I would already know this with the books finished.)  I, also, finally separated what I wanted Asherah to be and what she actually is. Same with Lilith.

Anyway, I’m done rambling. Thanks for reading.

Wait…did I just title this ‘whoopsie daisy…’

NaNoWriMo2016, WotS2, The End

Well, another year, another NaNo and I’m calling it done for this year.

The rewrite of WotS2 ended today, at 122k words. I’m letting 1 and 2 rest until January when I begin another read through/edit and possibly combine 1 and 2 into one book, named War of the Sisters.


We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading everyone!

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Not a story post.

More of a “Hi, how are you!?” Post.

My name is AmberJade, as I explained elsewhere and I’m writing a book. The name of my book is currently “Essentials” though that could change. I’ve probably got 3-4 chapters/20k or so words left before I finish it. (Chapter estimates based on outlined scenes, word estimate based on previous chapters.)

Here is a little bit about it. I started it in November for, you guessed it, NaNoWriMo. It started out as a book surrounding a girl named Alex. She was someone who was of a serving race. They had no power, they had no abilities. They weren’t treated poorly by any means, they were just completely unimportant. Her cleaning up after the Essentials was ¬†the first words that I put to paper (so to speak.) ¬†“Alex picked across the battlefield.” Ran through my head over and over again when I was out for a walk that day, and I pictured her and what she was doing.

They, the Essentials who are the ruling and superior race, (non-Essentials being the secondary race. Referred to as Nonnies (sing. Nonny.) ¬†are fighting a race of creatures that are human-like however are far from it. ¬† They are a soulless, cannibalistic race of people that, while not smart, are clever in an animalistic sort of way. And are very, very vicious. They live to eat and breed. If one is caught off guard by a group of them, or even a particularly quick couple they are either breeding stock¬†or that night’s dinner.

It’s evolved a bit since then. It now has a creation myth¬†and goddesses that are fighting a very long war. Alex has evolved into a murderess and a… well, spoilers *insert Riversong .gif*


Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of a summary. I’m going to go back to writing the actual story instead of using up my words here.


PS: If this made you want to read any of this, pop over and start at the post titled “In the Beginning.”