Goals, Goals, Goals.

Not to be confused with girls, girls, girls.

Goals, it’s the first of the year and everyone is wanting to dream big. Myself included. I sat down to write out some yearly goals (I refuse to call them resolutions) and realized they are all nebulous things. “Finish WOTS” That is a goal, of sorts, but it’s along the same lines as setting a goal of “Lose Weight” or “Exercise More.” Both of those are good goals, but they aren’t workable goals.

I’ve been trying to make this more concrete for the past week and I have nothing. I’ve been rewriting chapters (nearly) every day, so I don’t really have to do much to improve there. I mean, of course, my writing can always improve but I can’t write more every day than every day. I’ve been giving chapters to my beta-reader and taking her advice on things that could be fleshed out or cut. (Mostly) (Hi, beta-reader.)

You know, I started this blog post with a point in mind and I sort of lost it. I may have gotten distracted by the TV. Happy New Year’s everyone.