Camp NaNoWriMo Day 13 and an Interview with a Main Character!

Ha! I remembered to update today!!

Words today: “On Topic”: 1741 | “Off Topic”: 1160 Daily Total: 2901 (Project Total: 31,182)

Now, you are probably asking yourself what I mean by “On topic,” and “Off topic.”  If you’re not, well, now I’ve asked the question for you.

Today, I participated in an exercise I had seen written about on either twitter, or tumblr or reddit. (I forgot where I saw it.)  I decided to start a conversation, or interview, with one of my main characters.

I chose Lilith, but I didn’t actually get to speak with her quite yet. Instead, another recently created character came to talk to me.Her name is Sevannah, and I must say she was a cute child.

This was one of the most fun writing exercises that I have done. I wrote it in first person POV, unlike my actual book. It really put me in the situation. It actually helped me a lot with a conversation that she starts having in the book, which led me to the 1741 words that I wrote on-topic today.  I thought of sharing it, but I would have to wait until the full book was out because there are spoilers.

I also found out that my dear Lilith is quite tired of wearing white and being cold. She would really like to wear yellow because it makes her feel closer to the sun that she created.

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you have ever had an interview with your characters! And if you haven’t, spend one of your writing sessions doing that. You may learn something surprising!


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Camp NaNoWriMo Days 9 and 10

So, maybe I’m terrible at daily updates.

I did well over the weekend, nothing spectacular. Hit word goal each day. Last night I couldn’t sleep and ended up typing a few hundred words into my phone for an idea I had. It seems like it’s going to work well, and it may turn a “Hey, I’m here with some relevant plot information and will now disappear” character into a real character. I don’t know though, we’ll have to see. I think I would need to add a few more chapters into the second book to be able to really set that point. But we shall see!

As to word count we’re sitting at just over 23k. (Not entirely sure why I refered to myself as “we’re” but we’re gonna just go with it.) The characters are developing in an okay way. I wouldn’t say “great” quite yet, but we’re working on it. (There’s that we’re again. I think my characters are trying to get out!)

Not related to Essentials, I had a very interesting (to me, at least) dream that I plan on writing a story about. I wrote the idea down, and the relevent memories and will write it when Essentials is done.

Not related to anything really: I may not get famous, or rich, from my writing but damned if I’m gonna leave it inside my head any more. I want to write my stories, and I want my characters to have lives outside of my head. Maybe people will like, or relate to my characters. And if they don’t, that’s okay at least my characters lived instead of being forgotten inside of my head!

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 4

Maybe I should have made entries for other days? Eh, it still works. I’m sitting at about ~10k words. I made my goal 50k for this month, but I expect it to be nearly the same length as Essentials. (Around 100k or so.)

For now, the book is called Essentials – In The Beginning and it’s going to start where Essentials originally started, with Creation and going forward. I will expand on Lilith’s descent and the relationship between Anna and Mischa. I felt like Anna, Mischa and Lilith were very shallow characters and hopefully, this will make them have a little more depth.

I still have my GoFundMe running, I left the goal where it is, for now, I’m entirely unsure if I should raise it, but once I get “In the Beginning” done I’ll know for sure and will edit the goal as appropriate.

I would love to make this into a Trilogy. I can’t outline the trilogy to y’all without major spoilers, but I think that it would help with some of the rushed feeling in the end of Essentials.

But we’ll see, it’ll be at least two books either way.

I’ll keep you updated 🙂


Oh, the plans I have…

Today I was showering, which tends to be when I get most of my ideas, and I thought about the prologue that I have attached to Essentials right now. I feel like it’s a little rushed, and there is a lot more story that could happen there.

Part of me, a big majority now that I’ve thought about it for a while, wants to take the prologue, and all the ‘Before’ flashbacks and expand them into their own book. Then Essentials, as it stands now, would be more of a follow-up or a sequel set in the same world.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do with that. It would probably take about 15k words off of Essentials, and then I could grow the “Before” into its own book. I’ll need to think about that.

As to updates, I’ve gone over about 4 chapters of editing over the past two days. I haven’t taken out a whole lot, added a little detail. Mostly it’s been rearranging or rewording sentences. I’m sitting at about $360 in my book fund, and that’s about it. Thanks for reading 🙂


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Editing Early! (Now with added Thank You’s!)

Not a story post, more of an update. My vacation/trip thing got cancelled so I’m going to  start editing early! I think I’m going to export the Scrivener file to word/open office and edit from there but I haven’t really decided. –

I got quite a few gofundme donations the other day, went from 80-330 which was a huge jump. I’m beyond grateful and have started writing thank you notes already!!

Once I get the first couple chapters edited, I’ll post updated versions!!

Thanks for reading!