Camp NaNoWriMo July 2016

Well, I meant to update more often that I did, but I did end up winning Camp NaNo for July 🙂

So far the writing seems to be working, I haven’t actually changed a whole lot, but I have added over 8k in new words to all the rewriting I’ve done so far. I’m up to 30k overall of the rewrite, and so far it seems to be progressing well.


That’s the entire update. Thanks for reading 🙂



I haven’t checked in for a while!

Hello readers,

Sorry to have been so quiet, I’m a little writer blocked and so was not doing much of anything. I got an email last night that it’s July Camp NaNo, so I decided to try and break through the block by participating.

As  I said before in a previous post I had to start over on E1, I’m still going to work on that, during the Camp, I haven’t given up or abandoned that.

I’ll try and update a few times a week with word counts, get back in the swing of things 🙂




Updates, Sort of.

Hi there, everyone!

Okay, so I guess I should throw some updates out here for y’all. I got stuck, so I haven’t been writing all that well. I decided this morning that I’m going to start back at the beginning and start rewriting from there. Most of it is fine so there won’t be too many changes but something got lost somewhere and I need to find it and undo it, and the only way I can think of to do that is to start back at the beginning.

I think I was trying to hard to fit the story into a specific timeline and lost track of the actual story. I’m going to pretend that the original book doesn’t exist and write the story from there. I may end up having a lot more revisions on E2 than I originally expected but that’s okay, there’s a lot of story there, so I need to let it run free instead of trying to keep it reined in.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for such a long time between updates!



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Camp NaNoWriMo Days 20-23 (Winning.)

Well, in case the title didn’t spoil it, I won Camp Nano this year!! I may have teared up… (again.)  My goal this month was 51k words. I don’t know why it just seemed like a good amount. I just passed that and I am quite pleased.

I think even when I first started writing I would never have thought I would have written over 150k words in the same world.

150,000 words.

That’s insanity to me that that many words could have come from me tripping over a rock on a bad day. I think I’ve finally hit a rhythm on E1 (God, I need to think of a title.) and have dug some more story out of it that I didn’t know was there.

If I can do this, I can do anything.

Anyway, I should be writing.




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Camp NaNoWriMo Days 14 & 15

Well, I skipped a day again. I can’t say I’m surprised, and neither can you!

Day 14: 1060. Turns out that fun writing assignment broke me for a day. Was hard to get back into my regular point of view. That or I didn’t have enough sleep!

Day 15: 2,429 Tody was still a bit hard. Took me a bit to get my rhythm and then suddenly I was well over my goal with no recollection of what I had written. But that’s actually a good thing, it usually it means I got really into what I was writing.

Grand Total: 34671

In other news, I have come up with 2 new character names AND a rename for the scavs!

Anna is now Morgan, Alex is now Everly and the dreaded Scav’s are now known as the Clickers. (That makes sense in context.)

The Clickers are a savage race. They care for nothing and no one, hardly even their own. They weave their armor from the remnants of whatever they can find. Bones, rusty screws, teeth and bits of metal from rusted cars. When you hear the clicky-clack men coming, you’re already in trouble.


Thanks for reading!!


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