NaNoWriMo2016, WotS2, The End

Well, another year, another NaNo and I’m calling it done for this year.

The rewrite of WotS2 ended today, at 122k words. I’m letting 1 and 2 rest until January when I begin another read through/edit and possibly combine 1 and 2 into one book, named War of the Sisters.


We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading everyone!

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NaNoWriMo2016 Part II

Hi there, here is an update!

The rewrite of book two for NaNoWriMo2016 is going quite well, I’m at 50k words as of last night, with a projected ending of about 120k.

My aim is to finish both books by the end of the year and have my beta readers read through it and let me know any changes that need to be made. I’m in the process of setting up a mailing list for anyone that is interested, I’ll post the link here once I get that all setup.

My gofundme is still up and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I’m still putting money into it every week.

Thanks for reading and I’ll try and keep you guys updated at least once a week.  For sticking through the whole post here is a snippet.


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Updated Site Name

Since the series is no longer called Essentials, I changed the site URL and now there is a new site name.

I also changed the theme.

I’ve got WOTS1 up and running already in the background, I plan on editing one or two chapters a day to make sure it’s all nice and ready to be read.


I also realized today that selecting heading 6 and making my links tiny does not actually make it small so naming things tinygofundme link was not making it tiny.

War of the Sisters, Book 1…Done.

That is a bit misleading, but the first draft is nice and done.

Sitting at almost 80k words. I think that should be good, I’m sure there will be additions in the editing process that will bring it up to that goal. . All the bits are there and in order, I’m gonna give it a few days rest and then do a read through and see about forwarding it to my family/friends that are gonna be my beta readers 😮  Once I make sure it’s readable I’ll post a few chapters from the beginning. Happy writing all!

**happy dance**

That’s all.

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Updates: We have a (WIP) Title Edition!

Why hello there, dear readers.

First, I’m very sorry at how terrible I am at updating at regular intervals. I really should make a list of things to do every week so I remember to keep you guys updated!

Moving on, the rewrite is going quite well, I think. I’m about halfway through E1 and changed the working title to “War of the Sisters, Book 1”  WotS1 is currently at 44,656 words. I estimate it to probably be just about halfway, either a little under or a little over, depending on how the story rolls out.

What a name change means, though, is that the blog is not named correctly anymore! But that’s okay we’ll deal with that in the future.

Everything I’ve rewritten and added seems pretty good to me so far, I haven’t let anyone read it yet, though, so there may still be changes. However, I’m reaching the part that I had issues with before and that’s the lead up from Middle to End. I know exactly what I want the story to end with, and I love everything up to this point. The problem is getting from point B to point C.

I know that it has to end with a very specific thing, it’s the whole premise of WotS2. And I love the ending so I don’t want to change it at all. I just have no idea how to get there! I’m hoping that at some point, by the end of what I’ve written so far an idea sparks to get me there!

Anyway, that’s about it for updates, I’ll try and do one in another week or so. Thanks for reading guys ❤



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