Fixed one, broke another!


Well, fixed one chapter, broke another!

To fix my previous problem (duplicate chapters) I tore out the good parts of both, smooshed them together and moved it around. Now I’m missing a chapter elsewhere!

But that’s okay, I’d rather write a whole chapter from scratch than mix and match again!

I’m beginning to think writing was the easiest part of this book! (Compared to editing.)

Whoopsie Daisy (and other Nonsense.)

I don’t know, seemed like a good day for an update. Hi everyone! I’ve been editing WOTS1 (still referring to them as separate books for now!) and realized a few days ago that I had WROTE THE SAME CHAPTER TWICE.

I’ve been editing WOTS1 (still referring to them as separate books for now!) and realized a few days ago that I had WROTE THE SAME CHAPTER TWICE.

They weren’t identical in words, but they were clearly the same chapter. Character wakes up in her place, gets mad, destroys a city, flies back. I mean it was same order and everything 😡 So now I have to figure out what SHOULD have been there instead. I’m guessing I got distracted at some point, or just really liked the idea of that chapter and forgot I wrote it.

I also ran into a bit of a snag where I’ve confused myself on something. I don’t know WHY my character is doing something, not in any way that I’ve portrayed so far. I’m not entirely certain I NEED a why but I have to wait for my readers to tell me if they also don’t understand.

I did figure out some more about my characters, though. Their motivations, personalities,  and whatnot. (You would think I would already know this with the books finished.)  I, also, finally separated what I wanted Asherah to be and what she actually is. Same with Lilith.

Anyway, I’m done rambling. Thanks for reading.

Wait…did I just title this ‘whoopsie daisy…’

War of the Sisters 1 Second Draft?

Or maybe it’s third, I don’t remember now. Anyway, I started it today. I’m not going to hold such a rigorous schedule as I did the last two months. One chapter rewrite per day.

Most days that’ll be between 1k and 2k words which is a lot lower than I had been doing for November and October.

I went on a walk today and tried to work out exactly what I’m going to do with the two books. I’m still mostly convinced that I will be combining WotS1 and 2 into one War of the Sisters, with it starting with In the Beginning and ending with The End.

All the pieces are already there except for the slight break between [Spoilers] and the beginning of book 2. At the moment there is a time jump from WOTS1 and WOTS2 of about a thousand years. (Yeah, I know.) I need to fill that in instead of just saying “time passed here are some new characters.”

I have a vague idea of what I would like to go there, but I need to get back into the Lilith and Asherah of book 1, which were a bit different than the Lilith and Asherah of book 2, which is why I’m beginning the rewrite before I write the ‘connecting’ chapters.

I’m going to be reposting the Prologue of WOTS1 in the next couple weeks, it’s been edited a little. It will probably go on its own page rather than an entry. Possibly also a second chapter, haven’t decided yet.

Anyway, that was a long, rambling, nonsensical entry, thanks for sticking with it!


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Second Draft? Done.

Woo, so a couple weeks ago I started the complete rewrite of WOTS1 to get me to the second draft. I wanted to make sure that I was done in time for NaNoWriMo so that I could start book 2. I started the month with about 26k words already written, so I knew I needed to rewrite about 2.3k words per day. I made a chart and everything! (Under the “see more.”)

Today, I finished!! I added about 10k words, bringing it up to 87k words. It still needs polishing, of course, but we’re now two drafts in!


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Dead or Just Quiet?

I was told it was dead here, so I thought I’d make a post.

Editing is going well on WOTS1, I still don’t know the name for the book quite yet, but the series is War of the Sisters. I’m about 16k words into the first draft (or is this the second draft?) I don’t remember how drafts work.

I’ll post a chapter in a few days once I do some edits. I had my brother read the first couple chapters and there are some things that need to be better explained so I’m gonna clean up and expand on those and then post it here.

thanks for reading 🙂