Explanation Post

Hello. This is an explanation post. If you’re here from mturkcrowd cause you clicked my signature: Hi, I ❤ you.

This is where I’m going to stick a few chapters of my book. Along with various other things that are related to it.  Since I have a gofundme link that asks for money, I feel like I should probably give a sample of what I’m asking people to donate for. I also didn’t want anyone to have to sift through a bunch of regular blog nonsense in order to find a chapter  There shouldn’t be too much nonsense here. Occasional updates and chapter postings. If I make or find something interesting that goes with the book I may post that as well. (Such as the pictures I colored of characters.) If something gets edited enough that it changes the chapter I’ll repost it with something like [In the Beginning V2] or similar. I do want to also note that some of these things may be switched around by the time it’s deemed finished. Some chapters may happen earlier or later than how they are originally posted.

If you’re reading my stuff, I do ask for comments. Even if you hated it, it’s okay to tell me. (But try and be constructive, I can’t fix the character you hate if I don’t know why you hate him or her.) Most of these chapters have been through Grammarly, and edited a few times but they are by no means done. There will be errors, and probably inconsistencies. Point these out to me!! I may not notice because I know what’s happened in the world, I made it. But I may have forgotten to explain it!

I ran out of things to write in this post. Hopefully, I covered everything.  Next post will be ‘In the Beginning’



ps: Hi mom and probably Willow. Willow you’re too young to read this, close this tab RIGHT NOW.