Learning Scribophile, and other nonsense

Note: I messed this up the first time I posted it, so posted it again!

Write, write, write.

That’s, unfortunately, not so much what I’ve been doing the past couple of days. I have been writing the minimum I set for myself, but I haven’t been going much beyond. I did do a big thing, to me, though. I posted my prologue on Scribophile to get critiqued!

Now, it may seem a little silly (because it is) but sharing was a little scary for me. I’ve posted a couple chapters on here and then immediately deleted them afterward because I’ve got the ‘I’m terrible at this’ voice going full blast in the back of my mind.

The critiques I received, though, were pretty nice. They did let me know that I’m not quite as close to publishing as I thought, but they are also teaching me things to fix in other chapters. I’ve also been learning just by reading critiques of other people’s work and learning to avoid (or fix) things I didn’t realize I was doing wrong.

So, Scribophile has been pretty good so far, even if I’ve only posted one thing.

Anyway, enough rambling get to work!