Camp NaNoWriMo Days 7 and 8

Whoops! Forgot to write an entry yesterday. So I’m doubling up today.

Today seemed to flow a little easier. I made a rough outline and inserted those as little sections into Scrivener (awesome program by the way. Well worth it, and I believe it’s on sale for Camp NaNo participants.) I wrote a little over 1800 words today, bringing “In The Beginning” up to 19.3k words. I’ve come no closer to naming Anna, but I also didn’t look for any names yesterday.

I have no excerpts for you or anything else at this time. Not because I haven’t written, of course, but because most of what I’ve written has expanded on things that were already posted here. I haven’t gotten much past what was originally written as the “Prologue.” Although nearly 10k words have been added, it won’t ever really be more than an expansion of the Prologue, so for those of you who have read Prologue, you kind of already know what’s going to happen.

But for the rest of you, hopefully, it will be a nice surprise! Thanks for reading, and happy writing!!


PS: Shameless GoFundMe plug I’m of course adding my own money to it every week, I won’t rely on others donations to succeed but I’ll gladly accept help from anyone that is in the right place to do so. Just like when I’m in the right place, I’ll help someone 🙂

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 6

Wow, today was a tough one. I just could not find the thread of the story that I had put down yesterday. I finally found it, about 20 minutes before I was supposed to go to bed, but even then that thread was mighty slippery today.

Anna’s name still remains Anna for now. I haven’t found her replacement, and she isn’t cooperating with a name change as yet. I’ve had a few different suggestions that were okay, but none of them have struck me yet.

As to word count, well I’m still writing, I just wanted to quickly post this before I went and hid with my laptop to try and focus a little better. I’m just over 16k and aiming for 17k before bed.

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5

Why hello there readers, it’s day 5 of camp NaNoWriMo and this is my update. I wrote 1237 words today for a grand tital of just over 15k and changed the names of one of my main characters. Mischa is gone, may I introduce Asherah for your reading pleasure.

I tried to choose mythological names to tie in that my two main characters are the creators of the world but that the knowledge of this was all but lost when they slept for so long. I chose ones that I knew, but that I also had to do a little research on. If I mention Artemis and Hera everyone knows who I mean. Not quite as many, I hope, would know much of these two. Though Lilith has gained popularity recently.

I have at least one other name change but I’m nowhere near a decision for who Anna will become. I’m sure she’ll reveal herself in time.

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 4

Maybe I should have made entries for other days? Eh, it still works. I’m sitting at about ~10k words. I made my goal 50k for this month, but I expect it to be nearly the same length as Essentials. (Around 100k or so.)

For now, the book is called Essentials – In The Beginning and it’s going to start where Essentials originally started, with Creation and going forward. I will expand on Lilith’s descent and the relationship between Anna and Mischa. I felt like Anna, Mischa and Lilith were very shallow characters and hopefully, this will make them have a little more depth.

I still have my GoFundMe running, I left the goal where it is, for now, I’m entirely unsure if I should raise it, but once I get “In the Beginning” done I’ll know for sure and will edit the goal as appropriate.

I would love to make this into a Trilogy. I can’t outline the trilogy to y’all without major spoilers, but I think that it would help with some of the rushed feeling in the end of Essentials.

But we’ll see, it’ll be at least two books either way.

I’ll keep you updated 🙂


Oh, the plans I have…

Today I was showering, which tends to be when I get most of my ideas, and I thought about the prologue that I have attached to Essentials right now. I feel like it’s a little rushed, and there is a lot more story that could happen there.

Part of me, a big majority now that I’ve thought about it for a while, wants to take the prologue, and all the ‘Before’ flashbacks and expand them into their own book. Then Essentials, as it stands now, would be more of a follow-up or a sequel set in the same world.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do with that. It would probably take about 15k words off of Essentials, and then I could grow the “Before” into its own book. I’ll need to think about that.

As to updates, I’ve gone over about 4 chapters of editing over the past two days. I haven’t taken out a whole lot, added a little detail. Mostly it’s been rearranging or rewording sentences. I’m sitting at about $360 in my book fund, and that’s about it. Thanks for reading 🙂


Shameless gofundme plug.