Why hello there. I don’t have a new chapter to post, or an edited one. Just saying hi that I didn’t forget y’all or give up on the book. I’m still editing, though I haven’t really gotten back into a schedule yet, which I need to do.

I had a really nice premade book cover picked out, but it was sold before I had all the funds saved up, which made me sad. But it did give me a nice idea which I ‘sketched’ out. (Sketched is in quotations because I didn’t draw anything. but I made a chart. So there is that.)

That’s the end of this update. Thanks

Editing Early! (Now with added Thank You’s!)

Not a story post, more of an update. My vacation/trip thing got cancelled so I’m going to  start editing early! I think I’m going to export the Scrivener file to word/open office and edit from there but I haven’t really decided. –

I got quite a few gofundme donations the other day, went from 80-330 which was a huge jump. I’m beyond grateful and have started writing thank you notes already!!

Once I get the first couple chapters edited, I’ll post updated versions!!

Thanks for reading!

Not a story post.

More of a “Hi, how are you!?” Post.

My name is AmberJade, as I explained elsewhere and I’m writing a book. The name of my book is currently “Essentials” though that could change. I’ve probably got 3-4 chapters/20k or so words left before I finish it. (Chapter estimates based on outlined scenes, word estimate based on previous chapters.)

Here is a little bit about it. I started it in November for, you guessed it, NaNoWriMo. It started out as a book surrounding a girl named Alex. She was someone who was of a serving race. They had no power, they had no abilities. They weren’t treated poorly by any means, they were just completely unimportant. Her cleaning up after the Essentials was  the first words that I put to paper (so to speak.)  “Alex picked across the battlefield.” Ran through my head over and over again when I was out for a walk that day, and I pictured her and what she was doing.

They, the Essentials who are the ruling and superior race, (non-Essentials being the secondary race. Referred to as Nonnies (sing. Nonny.)  are fighting a race of creatures that are human-like however are far from it.   They are a soulless, cannibalistic race of people that, while not smart, are clever in an animalistic sort of way. And are very, very vicious. They live to eat and breed. If one is caught off guard by a group of them, or even a particularly quick couple they are either breeding stock or that night’s dinner.

It’s evolved a bit since then. It now has a creation myth and goddesses that are fighting a very long war. Alex has evolved into a murderess and a… well, spoilers *insert Riversong .gif*


Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of a summary. I’m going to go back to writing the actual story instead of using up my words here.


PS: If this made you want to read any of this, pop over and start at the post titled “In the Beginning.”

Two Pictures

Hi there, not a story post, but there probably will be one in a few days. Just sharing the two pictures of Cyrene and Mischa. (Name changes incoming soon.) These are from a coloring book I bought, I didn’t draw them. It helped me with the descriptions of them, and so I’m sharing them.  Mischa’s name will probably be changed to Lilith at some point. I’m having a really, really tough time on Cyrene’s name.  If you have any suggestions drop me a comment!  (Note: none of them have wings, that’s just part of the picture.)

In The Beginning

Please see explanation post. 

In the beginning, there was the Void. From that Void came the Sisters. The Sisters floated in the empty and shapeless Void and became bored. This made them sad, and they were not pleased with this feeling. “What shall we do, dear sister?” The eldest Sister, Cyrene, asked.

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