NaNoWriMo2018 Week 2(ish)

So remember last week when I was all like “Oh, I’ll update weekly cause I’m better at remembering that.”

I lied. Totally spaced and forgot to do it on the 14th as I’d planned. But that’s all in the past now. We are moving on with our lives and focusing on this update right here.

Not interesting Stats:

This week’s words: 12,870

Total: 31,700

Lowest Day: 16th with 67 words.

Highest Day: 18th with 2,187

My lowest day was because I had a job interview and a whole bunch of shopping to do. I came home with the goal of just making it a non-zero day. Which I succeeded (barely.) Into the Void is an incoherent jumble of half related chapters, much as Out of Darkness/Light were before the first edit. I had forgotten that until I went and looked at my earliest drafts. Good lord, they were awful. Which is just how I roll, I guess.

Speaking of Out of Light, I let another person beta read (pre-read? advanced read? whatever) it and got good feedback. Much less “This stuff needs fixed.” than the previous reader. Which means its coming right along. Letting one more person take a crack at it before doing what I’ve already been doing and saving up for an editor. (This is the part where we all pray for me to get the job I applied for to get there a little quicker!)

Anyway, that’s quite enough rambling. Have a wonderful week lovely readers. ❤


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