Something about being an Arthur

Hello again readers!

It’s October, how did that happen? I’m pretty sure yesterday was July, so this is a little strange. Took a bit of a writing break, but I’ve been back at it the past week or so. The break was apparently what I needed as the editing is going a bit more smoothly now. I even wrote a rough outline of another book in the War of the Sisters world. (And some completely unrelated things, but we’re ignoring those for now.)

Okay, I opened this blog post and had a clear idea of what I was going to write, and now all I remember is that I wanted it to be about I’ve always wanted to write. That even when I was little and was asked, I would say I wanted to be an author Arthur when I grew up. (I was a silly kid.*)

Now, if only I could remember that on my bad days. I know I’ll never be super famous, or even be able to make a living off of it, and I’m not too bothered by that. I just want to write and force my friends and family to read it. Maybe some of you lovely readers too.

Anyway, maybe I’ll eventually figure out where I was actually going with this post. In the mean time, this rambling is all you get. 🙂

*Who became a silly adult.


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