It’s a Post! Secret Confession Edition.

Hey there readers,

I have a confession to make. I’m awful at blogging regularly. I bet you never guessed. I just don’t know what to put in here to make it worth updating more than every month or so. I probably won’t ever change, I like chattering. Chattering doesn’t quite work on blogs though.

Rambling on the other hand…

Okay, so updates I guess. Let’s see. Out of Light is going well. I finished a draft and immediately started over on the next one. Instead of going down the word count is going up.

As most of you know, Out of Light was actually written before Out of Darkness. (OoD from here on out.)  OoD actually started as a 10k word prologue (way too long, I rambled a bit.) to Out of Light, which at the time was called Essentials. Through the editing of OoD,  I’ve learned a lot. I’d like to say I’ve grown.

Which means that Out of Light was (is) a god awful mess. But it’s a fun mess. The first pass I did, I just corrected a bit, cut things that I’d moved to OoD. This pass is a bit more fun because it’s less editing and more expanding. I feel like I’m rebuilding their world. I’m changing things, making it their world instead of sort of copy of our world.

Anyway, I had a point, but I lost it. Now I’m daydreaming and wandering off.

Till next time!

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