Mid-March MUpdate.

I wanted all the words to start with M. No reason, it just amused me. Also is it just me or did the post layout switch sides? I swear everything used to be on my left o.O?

Anyway, how is War of the Sisters 1 doing, you ask? Not bad. I’m halfway (more or less) through reading through the hard copy and marking it up as I go along. A lot more red than I expected but I think I’m polishing it up real nice for everyone.

Everywhere I’ve written it down I’ve titled it ‘Out of Darkness’ so I’m thinking that’s the title I picked. I like it. (Two will be called ‘Out of Light’ unless I find something I like better.)

Camp NaNoWriMo is next month. My tentative goal is to finish the read-through of my hard copy by the end of March and begin typing/editing the electronic copy for Camp. As long as I stick with my chapter/two chapters per day read through I should be able to do that.

That is my whole update, but below the ‘read more’ line is the most recent version of my prologue if anyone wants to take a read. 🙂


In the beginning, there was the Void and the Sisters.
Lilith was ice and light twisting through the void. She was the first light in the Void. The first life. Then Asherah, fire and darkness. With her fire, she brought warmth to the Void. They floated in the darkness chasing each other through the chaos.
But that was not enough.
They wanted the Void to be beautiful, to be a home.
Asherah spun in the darkness and gathered to herself the dust that decorated the emptiness. She molded it and formed the Earth. It was cold and dark, and she was displeased.
Lilith, seeing her sisters displeasure, gathered her own power, creating a ball of twisting golden light. She set the Earth to spinning around it and called it the Sun.
Asherah frowned, the Sun was alone.
She spun, flinging sparks of herself into the Void that twinkled brightly, breaking up the darkness.
The Sisters saw that the light was good and they rejoiced in their creation. It was then, with a bright Sun and a solid earth that they gave themselves form.
Asherah clothed herself in darkness. Her eyes were pools of fire and her hair tendrils of the Void. Her fire coursed through her veins, and she was pleased.
Lilith followed Asherah. Her eyes were chips of ice and her hair wisps of fog. She spun underneath the Sun and clothed herself in its light, and she was pleased.
The sisters wandered the earth. Plants sprung from their footsteps, and their breath set the winds in motion.
Lilith filled the sky with every bird and flying creature. She chased them through the air and showed them how to fly. She taught them to feed on the clouds of insects that sprung from her fingers.
Asherah filled the oceans and made the creatures of the deep. She led them through the depths and darkness of the water until no hidden places remained. She sharpened the teeth of her pets and taught them to prowl and to prey through her shadows.
Many and more years passed in this way. The world turned, and the Sisters cared for their creation. The sisters realized that if they did not create helpers, they would never be able to enjoy their creation in its fullness.
Asherah stood atop her sister’s favorite mountain and tapped her lips as she thought. The sun set behind her and rose again before she smiled and her eyes flashed. She bent and sculpted the snow at her feet into two forms, then pulled a thick lock of hair from her head and affixed them to the forms. She breathed her fire into them, and they gasped into life. They were extensions of her, and she loved them. Lilith copied Asherah. Her children stared up at her with cold adoration, their eyes the same pale blue as their mother’s.
And with that, the sisters found their greatest creation.
Lilith and Asherah parted ways, for a while, to walk with their children. Perfecting them, and the Earth, as they traveled.
Asherah took her children to the forest, clothed them in darkened leather and furs, and taught them to hunt. To wander her creation and take it as their own.
Lilith took her children to the fields and showed them how to farm. She showed them what good they could do, if only they would follow her guidance.
Once the sisters were no longer quite so needed, they realized just how much power creating had taken, and how tired they were. They decided to sleep, leaving their children alone to wander.
Thus, Lilith and Asherah faded from memory to legend, to the whispers of a myth.

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