Hard Copy

Eek, I printed off my book through FedEx office and it arrived today. It’s so fancy looking.

Well, it’s just paper and a black cover, but it feels fancy.

Here is a picture:


I wrote the names on there in silver paint pen. Thought that was fancy too. I haven’t started editing yet, still lazing about to make sure the story is out of my head. I’m writing a new story, just a side thing to keep my writing occupied, in the mean time.

That’s it for this update.

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My name is AmberJade, welcome to my page :)

2 thoughts on “Hard Copy”

    1. Oh yes! Even now that it’s half marked up and I spilled some water on it, it still makes me all excited to see it! If this is how it is with just a draft I might faint when I’m holding a real book!


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