Dead or Just Quiet?

I was told it was dead here, so I thought I’d make a post.

Editing is going well on WOTS1, I still don’t know the name for the book quite yet, but the series is War of the Sisters. I’m about 16k words into the first draft (or is this the second draft?) I don’t remember how drafts work.

I’ll post a chapter in a few days once I do some edits. I had my brother read the first couple chapters and there are some things that need to be better explained so I’m gonna clean up and expand on those and then post it here.

thanks for reading 🙂



Updated Site Name

Since the series is no longer called Essentials, I changed the site URL and now there is a new site name.

I also changed the theme.

I’ve got WOTS1 up and running already in the background, I plan on editing one or two chapters a day to make sure it’s all nice and ready to be read.


I also realized today that selecting heading 6 and making my links tiny does not actually make it small so naming things tinygofundme link was not making it tiny.

War of the Sisters, Book 1…Done.

That is a bit misleading, but the first draft is nice and done.

Sitting at almost 80k words. I think that should be good, I’m sure there will be additions in the editing process that will bring it up to that goal. . All the bits are there and in order, I’m gonna give it a few days rest and then do a read through and see about forwarding it to my family/friends that are gonna be my beta readers 😮  Once I make sure it’s readable I’ll post a few chapters from the beginning. Happy writing all!

**happy dance**

That’s all.

tiny gofundme link.