Camp NaNoWriMo Days 11 & 12

Well, again, I’m terrible at doing this daily. So maybe I’ll make it a thing to do this every other day.

Day 11: For this day, I wrote 3500 words. I wrote a long scene from a character I had the idea for a few nights ago before bed. I did not want my story to just say “It’s now 300 years later.” I wanted something longer than that. So I wrote a mostly internal dialogue from this character, he went over how long he had been alive, and how long it had been.

Day 12: I killed the previously mentioned character. But he really, really wanted it, so I’m not a bad person. Today I wrote a little over 2500 words. I am now sitting at just under 30k words. The only problem with the scene I wrote today, is that it kind of overwrites a scene I wrote a long while back. So I have to either go in and erase it, or I go in and edit it so that it falls in line with this post. It explains a bit more about The Plan, so I will probably be editing that scene tomorrow.

I know, theoretically, that I’m supposed to leave my NaNoProject alone until I’m done, but I can’t finish the story if I don’t have a plan!

Anna still doesn’t have a name. A few choices I’ve come across or have been suggested to me by forum friends. Everly, (Or Everleigh.) Emerie, and Chloe. None of those names seem quite right yet. So I will continue to look. (Everly is my favorite of them all right now, though.)

Thanks for reading!


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